Wooden Digital LED Clock

This product adopts LED fashion element, display hours, minutes,temperature, the time and temperature can alternate display, 3 groups alarm, voice control etc.
4 Pcs keys, double power and battery backup, 12/24 hour, degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit Conversion, generally placed in the living room, bedroom and other places,especially children room.

Features :

Display time, Temperature can fixed display time and time temperature switch display ;

12/24 hours degree Celsius / Fahrenheit Selection

3 groups alarm(Morning, Noon & Evening) can be arbitrarily set the alarm time

Voice control function, can set up voice on or off

Memory and  power saving function

A Set Key Operations

In normal time mode, press the key to enter setup time, year, month day by setting the flashing, set the following order hour-minute-year-moth-day-EXIT. In the normal time mode hold the key for 3 set alarm 1, alarm 2, alarm 3, the set orderr : alarm hour – alarm minute-alarm on (ALON) – alarm off(AL) – EXIT

UP Key Operation :

The temperature display, press the key to make degree Celsius/ Fahrenheit display switch; In the alarm state Press the key optional alarm group; At the time the alarm setting mode,press the key was setting,press and hold not to put the rapid rise setting.

Down Key Operation :

In the normal time state press the key to 12/24 hours switching; In the alarm group state; Press the key optional select alarm group; At the time, the alarm setting mode, press the button down by setting, hold this key put down is set value quickly.

Other Information

  • Product Size : MT1178;  Length X Width X Height X (150x40x70mm)
  • Input Voltage : DC5.0V, USB Power Input
  • 03. watts (LED RED)

Matters Needing Attention

  1. Behind the product out of two black (white) the black dot is the temperature detecting sensor, demanding attention placed, not pull hard otherwise easy to cause damage.
  2. When Pulling Power, no memory, request a replacement CR2032 lithium battery, request a replacement in normal time condition.

Product Warranty and Repair

If Product have any quality problem Please contact the dealer, put your issues to us.

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